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Carer Support

Supporting carers - for people looking after loved ones

A 'primary carer' is a person looking after the welfare of a relative, close friend, or neighbour. Many Omnicare clients depend on their primary carers to access support to continue living at home.


Our team can provide guidance, advice and information to help you navigate the ins-and-outs of Government Supports


Omnicare works with primary carers to help them understand their role, rights and responsibilities. We're available to listen and advise for life at home. We encourage ongoing two-way communication between carers and the Omnicare team to benefit everyone involved.


Omnicare has provided dementia education to many carers, so they understand the condition and learn strategies to manage their role.


We host chat groups, bringing carers together with others to share tips, experiences and knowledge. These can be life-enriching tools when it comes to adapting to the challenges presented by someone living with dementia or a disability.


If you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or at risk of emotional burnout from caring for a loved one, we will do all we can to provide strategies and options that will make you feel more in control of your circumstances.

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