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Welcome to the Omnicare website. You’ve taken the first step towards finding the information you’re after about who we are, what we do, and why we’re a trusted provider of aged care and disability support in the NSW Mid North Coast region.

This easy-to-use website will guide you through every aspect of our services – from personal care at home, social connection, and meals delivered to you, to improvements in your surroundings and much more.

Planning your choices

Once you’re on board as a Home Care or Disability Services client, we allocate a member of the Omnicare Planning team to liaise with you on the services you choose.

They’ll build a constructive relationship with you and/or the person caring for you at home. It’s their role to facilitate the support you need.

If you so choose, they will act as your care manager/coordinator of supports and liaise with any other providers to deliver the services you’re after.

Here’s your Planning coordinator’s role:

  • ​Your ongoing point of contact
  • ​Scheduling our services
  • ​Available to coordinate all your support

Meals Service

Omnicare Meals Service (a member of Meals On Wheels NSW) options range from hot, chilled or frozen; sweet or savoury; single to bulk orders; contactless delivery or in-branch collection.

Nutrition, choice, flexibility, convenience and care are among the essential ingredients in every delivery our volunteers and staff make to clients’ homes.

Pandemic measures have suspended our ability to deliver meals through clients’ front doors, but they haven’t restricted the quality of food or the level of service we provide

  • hot, chilled and frozen meal choices
  • delivered to your home
  • seven branches in the region

About us

Omnicare Alliance is a public company limited by guarantee, governed by a Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors has been selected by an independent panel according to their skills and experience. Each director is elected for a three-year term, and is eligible to be re-elected twice (i.e. serving a maximum of nine years). Directors receive no remuneration for their roles.

In the news

As an important contributor to communities across the NSW Mid North Coast region, interest in what Omnicare does often extends to local media outlets.

We’re often to be found in the pages of newspapers, in regional news bulletins and in online publications or social media platforms. It’s important we share what’s happening across our organisation and how we deliver our services – particularly during challenging times such as bushfire emergencies and the coronavirus pandemic.

Serving our

With a workforce of around 150 staff, Omnicare is a significant regional employer. Our team is as diverse as the clients and carers we support, representing a broad cross section of society.

Just as important to the wellbeing of the thousands of people we serve, is our huge roster of volunteers. Omnicare is privileged to count more than 600 community-minded individuals among its ranks, who donate their time, their experience, their skills and their willingness to make a positive difference.

We always welcome new faces to our organisation. Volunteers can apply to join us at any time. You’ll find current employment opportunities on this website.

Keep your (social) distance

Hi there, this is a description of our video about social distancing during COVID-19. Hope you enjoy it.

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